Looking Forward to Mondays

March 11, 2011 at 10:29 pm Leave a comment

Laura Ching, co-founder and chief merchandising officer of TinyPrints.com used the Fresh Ideas strategy ‘Rearrange the Sequence‘ and found a way to help her employees start their weeks on a positive note:

(We want our employees to look) “… forward to Mondays. We didn’t feel that way about the companies that we worked for, for a variety of reasons. And we like to have fun. I mean, we really have the attitude that if we’re going to work a lot of hours, we sure hope our employees will look forward to what they’re doing.

Some of the things that we’ve instituted include taking the celebrations that would typically happen in other companies on Fridays, and we do them on Mondays. We had an Olympics where all the teams competed against each other and did crazy stuff. And that was on a Monday. We have lunches on Mondays and we play bingo.”

You can read more about how Ms. Ching likes to lead differently here.

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