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Traffic Timing

Yanko Design brought a fourth dimension to traffic lights, and an example of the Fresh Ideas strategy “Draw It Forward,” with its hour glass shaped traffic lights.

“LED lights trickle down to make an obvious statement, regarding the time left for the lights to change. Easy and intuitive.”

While there may be some design details to work out, it reminds us to ask, “How could working with different images, colors or shapes help me develop or convey my ideas?”

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Emotional Equations

Dan Pink posted a short interview with Chip Conley on his creation of emotional equations.

With an interesting twist on the Fresh Ideas strategy “Draw It Forward,” Chip Conley crafted simple formulas to illustrate universal truths, creating a “visual lexicon for mastering your life challenges.”

For example:

Regret         =  Disappointment + Responsibility

Jealousy     =   Mistrust – Self Esteem

Authenticity =   Self Awareness X Courage

Happiness   =   Wanting What You Have / Having What You Want

Wisdom       =   the square root of Experience

What formulas (+ – / X = ) could you play with to capture relationships between the forces at work within your challenge?

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The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

Information Is Beautiful provides … umm, beautiful … examples of the Fresh Ideas strategy Draw It Forward at play.

This graphic of The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions is so clearly informative it now appears in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

What could you understand better by drawing a visual map of it?

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The PhD Explained

A one minute scroll down through The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D. gives a memorable explanation of the impact of pursuing a Ph.D.

Thanks to Matt Might for this insightful example of the Fresh Ideas strategy ‘Draw It Forward‘ in play.

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Sense vs. Nonsense

Frank Chimero is a graphic designer, illustrator, teacher, writer, and all around creative person from Portland, Oregon.

His “How to Have an Idea” packs a lot of insight into a great example of how simple and useful the Fresh Ideas strategy ‘Draw It Forward’ can be.

Look and learn here.

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Google Map Your Snail Mail Envelopes

iPhoto LibraryRahul Mahtani & Yofred Moik at Syracuse University are playing with an interesting new way to communicate just how far your snail mail message has traveled:  send snail mail through a link on gmail and print evelopes showing the google-mapped distance between the sender and the recipient. (Learn more about this idea here.)

Subscribers to the Fresh Ideas coaching series will recognize the Draw It Forward strategy at play.

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