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Multi-Cultural Insults

Rude Hand Gestures from Around the WorldWell now here’s an interesting way to practice the Fresh Ideas  strategy ‘Stock the Pond‘ – Rude Hand Gestures from Around the World teaches you how to be insult others in multi-cultural ways.

You can see a quick slide show with examples here.

The creative thinking opportunity lies in asking, “How could other customs from another culture help me solve my challenge?

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Where In the World

Alan Taylor created a bird’s eye opportunity to practice the Fresh Ideas strategy “Stock the Pond” with a Google Earth puzzle:

“Looking at the world through via Google Earth offers striking images of the diversity of our planet and the impact that humans have had on it…. We’re challenging you to figure out where in the world each of the images below is taken. (You’ll find answers and links at the bottom of the entry.) North is not always up in these pictures, and, apart from a bit of contrast, they are unaltered images provided by Google and its mapping partners.”

Take a look – to solve it, or to appreciate a different frame of reference.

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Sound Sculptures

Dentsu connected wet paint + sharp notes of sound and created the moving, beautiful sculptures seen here.

Watch the video to apply your Fresh Ideas strategy ‘Stock the Pond‘ … or just to enjoy the results of their ingenuity.

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